This is my GitHub landing page. I created this back before GitHub had a decent user landing page so I will continue to maintain it. If you're interested in my opinion on software and other things, I have a real website located at and that is where you'll find me posting most...when I actually post.

If you ever read my opinion and don't agree, let's chat. It could be a mutually beneficial experience and I'm not one to think I'm always right or can't learn something new.

Below is a list of interesting projects I either own or maintain. For the full list of my projects and contributions, please visit my GitHub User Page. Dark Theme for TextMate (atom-dark-theme)
A port of the Dark Theme for TextMate.
Carvoyant JavaScript API (carvoyant)
This is a JavaScript API for consuming the Carvoyant REST APIs. (Works in the browser and in Node.js)
DirecTV Remote API (directv-remote-api)
This project provides consistent APIs for interacting with your DirecTV STB.
Lembos (lembos)
Java Library for allowing you to write MapReduce jobs via Node.js and have them run natively in the Hadoop JVM as if written in Java.
TextMate JavaScript Support (javascript.tmbundle)
I am the maintainer of the JavaScript support for TextMate and this project is where it all happens.
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